Suitable for acid resistant surfaces, such as porcelain and some ceramic tiles

Read entire label before using. Follow surface preparation instructions. Surface must be saturated with water at least one hour prior to acid solution application. Avoid contact with metal.

  1. Scrub surface with a nylon bristled brush or a White Nylon Scrubbing Pad after applying TILELab® Grout Haze Remover or TILELab® Sulfamic Acid Cleaner. Work in small areas only.
  2. Flush with water immediately after brushing surface. Do not allow the solution to set longer than is necessary for brushing to be completed on Portland cement grout, glazed ceramic and unglazed quarry tile or masonry installations.
  3. Wash thoroughly with water as soon as brushing is completed. Do not use repeated acid washings as damage to the surface may result.

For heavy concrete etching, the solution may be allowed to set on the surface of concrete for up to 30 minutes prior to flushing with clean water.