Tile & Stone Maintenance Kit


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Aqua Mix® Tile & Stone Maintenance Kit includes all the essential cleaning products and tools for maintaining all natural stone, tile and grout surfaces. All products are safe to use, non-acidic and non-toxic.

Kit includes:

Suitable Tile Types

  • All sealed and unsealed natural stone, tile & grout surfaces*
  • Excellent for everyday cleaning, heavy-duty cleaning, and problem-solving


*Heavy-Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner – Do not allow cleaner to come in contact with any non-recommended surface. May adversely affect grout joints that have been coated with grout colorant. Regular use of high-alkaline cleaners will reduce sealer life.

Routine Cleaning – Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner

Best used in your mopping liquid. 2-3 capfuls of Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner in a 4L bucket of warm water is the ideal concentration for a streak-free finish on most tile & stone surfaces. This product can also be used as a spray & wipe cleaner, 1-2 capfuls in a 500ml spray bottle are ideal for maintaining countertops and vertical surfaces. When used regularly, prevents soap scum build-up and hard water deposits. This product will leave the room smelling clean and fresh.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning – Heavy-Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner

Occasionally stone, tile & grout can build up with soil and requires a heavy-duty scrub clean. Dilute 1 part Heavy-Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner to 5 parts water, then apply the solution to surface with mop or sponge. Allow dwelling 3 to 5 minutes before cleaning. Agitate with an AquaScrub, synthetic mop, scrub brush, or scrub machine. Do not allow the solution to dry on the surface. Mop up dirty solution. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. This product can also be used as a spray & wipe cleaner, 50-100ml capfuls in a 500ml spray bottle are ideal for removing grease, soap scum, mould & mildew.

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